ASU Pitchforks All-Female A Cappella Group

ASU Pitchforks All-Female A Cappella Group ASU Pitchforks All-Female A Cappella Group

"Watch it all burn" in this official music video!

Arranged by: Nasrynn Chowdhury 

Solos: Nasrynn Chowdhury, Brittany Sabia, Jordan Dragon, Olivia Baxter, Phailynn Marshall 

VP: McKenzie Hayes  

"First Burn" recorded by JJ Corirossi of Catalyst Studios  

Director: Dean Maniuszko 

Producers: Hunter Luck, Brittany Sabia 

Choreographer/Associate Producer: Mckenzie Hayes 

1st AC: Nathan Schuckman 

2nd AC/Grip: Xavier Sanchez 

Chief Lighting Technician: Jack Goodman  

Special Thanks to: Allison Guilford Keith and Chelly Maniuszko

We Out Here Drippin' in "Finesse"!

"Finesse" (OPB Bruno Mars)

Arranged by Nasrynn Chowdhury

Solo: Phailynn Marshall

VP: McKenzie Hayes

We've Got Some "New Rules" For Ya With This One!

"New Rules" (OPB Dua Lipa)

Arranged by Jordan Dragon/Drew Hensley

Solo: Haley Shaffer

VP: McKenzie Hayes

Relive Our 2018 ICCA Set Again HERE!

Choreographed by McKenzie Hayes, Phailynn Marshall, and Olivia Smith

1. "Formation/Independent Women" (OPB Beyonce/Destiny's Child)

Arranged by Jordan Dragon

Solo: Phailynn Marshall

VP: Laura "Lolo" Swendig

2. "Sorry Not Sorry" (OPB Demi Lovato)

Solo: Mallie Pierson

VP: Laura "Lolo" Swendig

3. "Still/Rise Up" (OPB Seinobo Say/Andra Day)

Solos: McKenzie Hayes, Haley Shaffer, Mallie Pierson


4. "The Chain" (OPB Fleetwood Mac)

Solo: Joann Yi

VP: Laura "Lolo" Swendig

All songs are now listenable on all music platforms on "Girl Gang" EP!