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ASU Pitchforks
All-Female A Cappella Group


Audition Q & ( SL ) A ( Y )

Hello we are so happy you have taken an interest in the Pitchforks and cannot wait to see your beautiful face at auditions! Below we've answered a few questions you may have about our audition process, as we have made changes this year:


  • This year we are asking all our auditionees to prepare the first minute and a half of All I Ask by Adele (the last line being "...what if I never love again") without accompaniment in the key of your choice
  • We also suggest that you prepare 30 seconds of a song of your choice, again without accompaniment, in case we'd like to hear more. Try to pick a tune that best demonstrates your musicality, range, and unique voice. 
  • If you are able to beatbox, prepare 1-minute of beatboxing over a pop song of your choice (played on a provided computer), as well as a 30 second sample of free styling to show off your talent


Generally, we are looking for fun-loving, dedicated, and passionate musicians who love the art of singing just as much as, if not more, than we do! In terms of vocal range, we are accepting members of any and all vocal ranges this year, as our departing members sang every voice part.


Carefully consider the time commitment and be honest with yourself and us about your willingness to invest at least 6 hours to this group weekly! Although the group is technically considered an extracurricular activity, we take our job seriously and have a certain standard to uphold during concerts, paid gigs, album recordings, music video shoots, and competitions we have the privilege of partaking in. Therefore, we often expect additional hours of practice and/or participation outside of regular rehearsal time. Nonetheless, we encourage each Pitchfork to pursue and healthy and balanced lifestyle, as many of our members are involved with other extracurriculars, juggle multiple jobs at once, and of course all share in the stresses of higher education!


The audition may also include some of the following (depending on time constraints):

  • A blending exercise with 2 of our returning Pitchforks
  • A short range-check consisting of 3-4 diatonic scales

TIP: Get there early to sign up (the slots fill up quick!)

Days: Monday (August 26th) and Tuesday (August 27th) 

Time: 7pm-10pm on both days (there is free parking in the gammage lot on these days) 

Location: ASU Music Building (50 E. Gammage Pkwy, Tempe AZ 85281)

Check out our instagram highlight "AUDITION SZN" for our Q&A that we hosted a week ago! @asupitchforks

But Why Pitchforks You Ask?

sharing the love of music


"My favorite part of Pitchforks is being able to make music with people who share the same love for music as you"

 -Phailynn Marshall

building life-long Friendships


"I think my favorite part of Pitchforks have been the friendships I've made" 

-Hannah Brudnock

safe space in and out of rehearsal


"I think one of the greatest blessings about the Pitchforks would have to be that mental release you feel during rehearsal and having a safe space to sing with the people you love"

 -Nasrynn Chowdhury 

sooooo much talent!


"My favorite part about Pitchforks is singing with talented ladies" 

-Allyson Hart

that angelic sound!


"Something unique that I love about the Pitchforks is the angelic tone coming from a group of strong, talented women blending perfectly together."

-Haley Shaffer

join our group and add another reason


We're so excited to meet and sing with you :)